Sponsor Information

For detailed information contact Tom Coughlin via email or phone at 408 978-8184.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a corporate sponsor, your company gets its logo on our promotional material, the conference web site, and at the event itself. Your company also gets mentioned in direct mail and other promotional advertising and on the web site.

Creative Storage Conference Demographics for 2012

2012 Demographic by Category

Participating Companies for 2012

21st Century FOX FutureWei Peripheral Research Corporation
3D Video Task Force gizmo porn Pictage Inc.
Aberdeen LLC Glendale College Pixspan, Inc.
ABS Quality Evaluations Golden Crescent Group platymonk productions
Accusys Green International Consulting PM Pictures
Active Storage Guava Systems Corporation Point 360 Digital Film Labs
Advanced Media Networks, LLC Hagiwara Sys-Com US Preferred Media
Advantage Video Systems Harmonic, Inc. Preferred Video Products
Akamai HCL Pro Sound News/New Bay Media
Alliance IT Headlands Associates Prominence Group
Altera Hewlett Packard PVTV
Amazing 3D Post Hie Electronics, Inc. Quantum Corporation
American Film Institute Hitachi Data Systems Rapid TV News
AMPAS hollywood insider magazine Reel Energy Entertainment 
Apposite Technologies, Inc. Hollywood Today  Reeldata, Inc.
Aradont Medical Illustration Company Hollywood Vaults Repozit 
ARRI Inc Howard Goldstein Associates Ronin Ltd
Aspera HP Ross Technologies, Inc.
Backlot Imaging Huawei Rovi Corporation
BAF hVault SanDisk
BDT Products, Inc. IEEE SEG, Inc.
Bee Imaging  IMT Shelter Entertainment Studios
Bel Air Internet InfoMarket Shuttle Computer
BitSpeed LLC Interior Specialtie Group Siemon Interconnect Solutions
BitSprings Systems International Video Conversions SilBeach.com
Cache-A Corporation JALowePlays SmartJog USA
CCFG Jason Myres SMPTE
Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc. JMR Electronics, Inc SNIA Solid State Initiative
CineTechNews John & Hovart Company Limited Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC
Ciphertex Left Brain Right Brain Southeast Review
Compact Flash Association Levels Beyond Spectra Logic
Computer Technology Review Little Spark Media Stein Writes, Inc.
Content Creators LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN Y StorageWeek
County of L.A. Sheriff's Dept. Louisiana Film and Video Magazine synergy consulting
CRE Computer Rentals Mac Edition Radio Technicolor
Createasphere Magma TechTarget
Creo Entertainment co Main Street Public Relations The Landmark Group
Critical-Connections Markee 2.0 ThreeHopes Productions
Crossroads Systems Marken Communications Tivo
DataCore Software Market Technology Toy Box Entertainment
Davidson & Company LLC Marvell Trade Digital Cinema
DEK Associates Maxwell Associates Trailer Park, Inc.
Digidat Studios Maxx Digital TZ Digital Design Ltd.
DIGISTOR MDB Capital Unigen
Digital Video Creators Media & Entertainment Tech Unigen
Discovery Communications Media Distributors University of Miami
Discovery Studios West Media Technology Market Partners USC Digital Repository
Discovery Television & Technology Center MESA Varelle Digital Arts & Science
Dog Byte Productions meyves nine  VerveData
Earthcolor MPH Broadcast  VMI
Emulex Corporation NetApp Warner Bros.
Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS) NETSURFERNEWS WARP Mechanics
Entertainment & Sports Today Nexenta Western Digital
Entertainment Sales and Marketing Services Niche Media Holdings LLC Whamcloud
Entertainment Technology Center at USC Northwoods Capital WHIPTAIL
ExaSAN Oracle Wide Latern
Fanclub Media Oren Yuen Associates Wind River Consulting
Flaunt Magazine oriental stunts assoc. Winpac USA, Inc.
FotoKem PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® Wire LA
Fox Digital Palisades Charter High School WIREFI NETWORKS, Inc
Fox Networks Panasas world entertainment
Front Porch Digital Panasonic XPlatform Consulting
FujFilm Recording Media USA Paramount Pictures Zemno
Fusion-io Pepperdine University

Following are the current sponsorship opportunities for the 2013 Creative Storage Conference.
Three types of sponsorship are available:

• Media Sponsorship (for Media and Analyst Organizations)
• Organization Sponsorship (for Trade Associations)
• Corporate Sponsorship (for HW, SW, and service vendors)

Sponsorship Items/Events

Sponsorship Table


Visionary Exhibitor - 6 x 2.5’ table top, 1 conference pass (see notes) only $1750
Futurist Exhibitor - 6 x 2.5’ table top, no conference passes (except speakers, see notes) only $1500
Table and two chairs will provided. Decorator service will be available for other furnishings or incidentals

Web Sponsorships

Get exposure on ALL 3 Entertainment Storage Alliance™ web sites: CreativeStorage.org, StorageVisions.com and EntertainmentStorage.org. These sites average more than 1/2 million hits a year with more than 100k pages visited!

Website Banner Ad (3 available - 468x60) $1,100; runs for 3 months on home pages only of all three sites.

Website Sponsor (1 available) $10,000 (Shown in the Main Site banner on every page including the home page for all three sites: Entertainment Storage Alliance, Storage Visions and Creative Storage. Term is 1 year).

• Sponsorship fee must be paid within 30 days of date of invoicing by The Creative Storage Conference and if sponsorship fee is not paid within the 30 day period the sponsorship will be available to other parties.
• Although sponsorship is not required for a speaking or panel spot sponsors will be given reasonable priority at The Creative Storage Conference’s sole discretion on any remaining available speaking or panel positions.
• The number of corporate sponsors can only be increased at the discretion of The Creative Storage Conference. In addition, any combination of corporate and event sponsorships must be first agreed upon by The Creative Storage Conference. Corporate sponsorships will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Exhibit Plan


Corporate Sponsor Submission Form

(Submission Deadline: TBA)

For detailed information contact Tom Coughlin via email or phone at 408 978-8184.

We are currently accepting a limited number of sponsorship proposals for the 2013 Creative Storage Conference. The Creative Storage Conference focuses on digital storage and content creation, distribution and archiving. You can find updated conference information at www.creativestorage.org. Please complete this form and any attachments and fax to the number below. There are several levels of corporate sponsorship and exhibits available for this event. Please indicate the sponsorship opportunities that interest you. Download a Word® version of this form.

Contact Name:__________________________Title:___________________________________
Company: ______________________________ Phone: _________________________
Address 1:_______________________________ Fax: __________________________
Suite: __________________________________ Email: __________________________
City: ___________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _______

What sponsorship opportunities are you interested in? (check all that apply):
Corporate: Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
       Breakfast or Breaks Lunch Lanyards or Bags
       Media/Organization Sponsorship
       Web Sponsorship
Company Product or Services: ________________________________________________________________________
If interested in providing a speaker please indicate topic (also please submit speaking proposals to our website: ____________________________________________________________

Fax this form and any attachments to 866-374-6345. Download a Word® version of this form.
You may also email the above information to info@creativestorage.org
or call (408) 978-8184.


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