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7:30 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM Results from the 2016 Media and Entertainment Storage Survey and the 2016 Media and Entertainment Report– Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates View Presentation

8:10 AM Session A: Storage for Artists: Challenges and Opportunities in Post Production Storage - Sponsored by Harmonic
The vast pool of captured and created content requires sophisticated and high quality storage to support video editing and other post-production tasks. However post-production requires streaming video quality and latencies that are very different from traditional enterprise storage. In addition, economic factors favor the creation of more collaborative workflows that span distance and time and create greater demand for networked and on-line storage, archiving working content, as well as more semiconductor storage to speed performance. This session examines the challenges facing post-production storage, with reports from end-users, and storage developers. Find out what is required now and what is projected for the future.

Moderator: Jim DeFilippis, TMS Consulting



9:15 AM Morning Break

9:30 AM Keynote Speaker: Roy Taylor, Corp. V.P., AMD Radeon Technology Group View Presentation

10:00 AM Keynote Speaker: Kirill Tropin, Product Manager, Google Cloud Storage and Jeff Kember, Cloud Solutions Architect, Media, Google View Presentation

10:30 AM Session B: Collaboration in the Clouds: Storing and Delivering Content Where it is needed - Sponsored by RDC
What are the tools being used today that let content distributors quickly feed the unquenchable entertainment demand of people around the globe and content developers to create content anywhere? What is the role of cloud storage in various aspects of media and entertainment and how will high resolution content be moved between data centers? Hear from leading companies as well as end users on M&E cloud storage and content transport.

Moderator: Jean Bozman, Hurwitz & Associates View Presentation



11:30 AM Lunch - Sponsored by HGST

12:30 PM Keynote Speaker: Jeff Greenwald, Sr. Director of Marketing, HGST View Presentation Dowload Demo Video [VERY Large File]

1:00 PM Keynote Speaker: Dave Frederick, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment, Quantum View Presentation

1:30 PM Session C: Trekking to the cloud - wired, wireless, cellular enabled and satellite - looking to the future.

Broadband is essential in our lives - both for enterprise and for the individual consumer. While competition in the market has been limited in recent years, that could be changing as Google, cablecos and telcos upgrade and expand fiber offerings, providing more robust speeds and capacity to handle the ever increasing file sizes and significant growth in video streaming on a plethora of devices.

Competition will also be enhanced as the spectrum auctions take place at a time when there are more users who do not have home broadband, but rely solely on their mobile carriers instead.

Effective file transport is vital in both the production process, where it is not unusual for a project to enlist companies around the world as service providers, and in the distribution process, in getting content to final users, wherever they may be and on whichever device they may be using.

Our panel will look to the future to envision the next 3, 5, 10 and 15 years of content transport to and from cloud storage systems.

Moderator: Marty Shindler, The Shindler Perspective


2:15 PM Session D: Archiving: Don’t Leave the Good Stuff Behind - Sponsored by Sony Electronics
There is constant pressure on everyone in the visual industry to create, produce and distribute its products to awaiting audiences. The most difficult part of these projects is making certain the video products (including all of the video assets) are still available 5, 10, 20 years from now. A creative project is never finished; it just runs out of time. What processes are used and needed to ensure content owners can maximize their return on every frame of the digital film? Find out about valuable developments in content archiving, automated metadata generation and asset management that will make sure that our content libraries are resilient, strong and useful. This session will help you to map out a strategy for long term retention of precious professional content.

Moderator: Denis Leconte, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services



3:15 PM Session E: Active Archiving Panel: Simplifying Media Asset Management with Active Archive and the Cloud

Moderator: Lynn Orlando, HGST


4:00 PM Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Quantum

4:25 PM Session F: Accelerating Workflows: Solid State Storage in Media and Entertainment - Sponsored by Micron
Flash memory and other solid-state storage technologies are faster at reading and writing than HDDs but they are more expensive on a $/GB basis. On the other hand solid-state memory can provide more transactions per $ and have lower operational costs than HDD. This session will explore connectivity and interface technologies that are able to better use the capabilities of solid-state memory as well as look at the current and future application of solid-state memory for professional media and entertainment.

Moderator: Andy Marken, Marken Communications

5:15 PM Session G: Conversations with Independent Storytellers - Sponsored by Coughlin Associates
Independent filmmakers may work alone but there are millions of them telling stories, educating, entertaining, preserving history, inspiring people, doing their part to change the world. Their numbers are growing and their talents are being honed because of low-cost 4K cameras, inexpensive/easy-to-use production tools and powerful desktop/notebook systems. Their challenge isn’t just storing their content but managing, controlling, tracking and protecting it. This session will explore their storage requirements – capacity and beyond.

Moderator: Larry Jordan,


6:00 Demonstration - Next Generation Entertainment Experiences:
Compute, Bandwidth and Storage Implications

6:30 PM Reception - Sponsored by Google Cloud Platform

8:00 PM End of Day (exhibits close)



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